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same as fritsl robot but with line sensors. i made this some time ago and still want to add more but im working on another robot at the moment. i called it twitch because when ever i change the code it just twitches until i get it right 

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it looks like it responds quickly. very nice especially the snappy 180 degree turn at the end of the line.
im a bit busy at the moment but il start one in about a week. should it use a 28 board to keep it simple or strip board to keep it cheap

Simple Quality... I was quite surprised with the 90's. Sharp corners are not line-follow friendly.

I agree with Frits, tidy up that code and *poof* you get to be the line-follow guru!


Wow, this code works so much better than it looks :D Impressive!
A lot of guys would like to make line followers, would be ace if you would "straighten out" the code, shave it down so it was only line following, no turning or lookin just following line.. and made a walkthrough to teach everybody regarding the sensors, how to hook them up, what to buy etc :)

thanks for your comments

here is the code it might be a bit rough around the edges but it seems to work


Symbol dangerlevel = 40' how far away should thing be, before we react?
Symbol turn = 300 ' this sets how much should be turned
Symbol servo_turn = 700 ' This sets for how long time we should wait for the servo to turn (depending on it's speed) before we measure distance
wait 5
if pin2= 0 then gosub line
goto main

main: ' the main loop

readadc 1, b1 ' read how much distance ahead
if b1 < dangerlevel then
gosub nodanger ' if nothing ahead, drive forward
gosub whichway ' if obstacle ahead then decide which way is better
end if
goto main ' this ends the loop, the rest are only sub-routines

nodanger:' this should be your combination to make the robot drive forward, these you most likely need to adjust to fit the way you have wired your robots motors
high 4 : high 7 : low 5 : low 6


gosub totalhalt ' first stop!

'Look one way:
gosub lturn ' look to one side
pause servo_turn ' wait for the servo to be finished turning
gosub totalhalt
readadc 1, b1

'Look the other way:
gosub rturn ' look to another side
pause servo_turn ' wait for the servo to be finished turning
gosub totalhalt
readadc 1, b2

' Decide which is the better way:
if b1<b2 then
gosub body_lturn
gosub body_rturn
end if

low 4 : low 6 : high 7 :high 5 ' this should be your combination that turns the robot one way
pause turn : gosub totalhalt

high 4 : low 7 : low 5 : high 6 ' this should be your combination that turns the robot the other way
pause turn : gosub totalhalt

servo 0, 100 ' look to one side

servo 0, 200 ' look to the other side

low 4 : low 5 : low 6 : low 7 ' low on all 4 halts the robot!
Servo 0,150 ' face forward
wait 1 ' freeze all for one second

servo 0,150 ' head forward
high 4 low 5 high 7 low 6 'drive forward
readadc 1,b1 'read eyes
readadc 2,b2 'read left line sensor
readadc 3,b3 'read right line sensor
if b2>250 and b3<250 then gosub right 'turn right
if b3>250 and b2<250 then gosub left 'turn left
if b2>252 and b3>252 then gosub allstop  ' all stop
if b1>65 then gosub uturn ' do a u turn
goto line

high 7 low 6 low 4 high 5  'turn left
pause 100 'wait 100 mili sec
goto line

high 4 low 5 low 7 high 6  'turn' right
pause 100 ' wait 100 milli sec
goto line

readadc 2,b2 'read line sensor
low 4 low 5 low 7 low 6 ' stop all motors
wait 1  'wait 1 second
gosub uturn1

readadc 2,b2 'read left line sensor
high 7 low 6 high 5 low 4 'turn right
if b2>251 then ' find the edge of the line
pause 500' cross line
else goto uturn1 ' keep turning until the line is found
if b2>251 then
low 4 low 5 low 7 low 6  'stop when the other side of the line is found
pause 500
goto line

low 4 low 5 low 6 low 7 ' stop all motors
servo 0,125   ' shake head
pause 500
servo 0,175   ' shake head
pause 500
goto allstop
looks well put-together. quick response time.

Hey, that works really well! :) (sounds like it's out of breath when finished :D)

Can you attach the code?