Let's Make Robots!

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i have just edited the insides of it giving it water prove enclosiur and removed some LED's out of it and it turns out that there is also a built in hardrive in i think is a total of 517KB but i have not put stuff in it up to that high because im afraid that the performance will decrease but im going to test it soon and will put a video whiles doing it


thanks Razorz51

ok i havent been on for a while but i have uploaded a photo of what i have made


it was origenly a different pic of the actual robot thats meant to be made in the instuctions so i edited it removing half the body and removed the arms

sorry i tried putting the pound sign in when editing
i will put a few pics up as soon as i find me blimmin camera
im thinking of making the head lower and moving the chassi about cause it could break of when controling it by wifi
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Welcome to LMR. That is one awesome piece of kit you've got there. Christmas present, was it? Very generous Santa.

We would all love to see some pictures (moving pictures would be best) of your bot. I mean, the one you actually assembled yourself. Not just a picture off the box.

Do you have any plans to add some stuff to your Spykee? To give it that personal look?


I am willing to give people access to my robot to people for a test drive for a maximum of 10minutes during 2:10-2:40 GMT weekdays. Please leave a comment if you would like a test drive
I am looking to buy spykee, but i don't really know how it works.  Whenever you can let me test drive it, just e-mail me at labaspaul@yahoo.com.  I live in New England the USA though, so our time zones are different.  Thanks!  :)