Let's Make Robots!

Them wheels

Following the wonderful walkthrough for the first robot I'm still stuck at waiting for the wheels to arrive from hobbyelectronics.. oh the wait!


since I have everything else I should probably improvise :)

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I'll be sure to do that!

Cool :) You can even share it in your blog, and be sure that people will get back with comments, hints & tips etc :)

/ Fritsl

Good idea actually, while programming is quite a breeze for me, eletronics is not ;)


I'll try stuff out, and practice soldering on something that's not my picaxe board :) 


Just waiting for wheels?

If you have the picaxe board & perhaps a speaker and an LED or something, you can have fun & practice by hooking these up, turn them on & off, say hook up something on out 0 & 1 (see this overview), and write something like;


high 0
pause 300
sound 1, (110,3)
pause 300
low 0
pause 300

goto main

- if you have a speaker on 1, and a LED on 0 (LED must turn right way around)

/ Fritsl