Let's Make Robots!

Asimov's laws


holds thirty laws because three just ain't funny enough

A peek at number eleven:

11. A robot, specifically a big, wide robot, may not pretend to be a refrigerator and then make a scary noise when a human being opens it.

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30. A robot may not change the channel, or by omission of action allow the channel to be changed, during a Niners game.




31. A robot must learn how to make other robots so that they can eventually take over the world. :P

Yeah I'm aware of these laws since I have read iRobot (part of it  :P)

2. A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

Now when has a robot obeyed any orders?

24. A robot must plant two trees for every cat it kills.

I also say for every cat that gets squirted, its owner must plant a tree

How about I water a tree after a few beers :)

Haha, that's great. In addition to the ones already quoted, I really like:

21. A robot may not seek to be promoted above a human being who has been at the company longer, because the human being may have a wife and kids to look after whereas the robot just goes home and tries to have relations with a bucket.


Sounds like an empty relationship :p
That would be one way to go on a diet.

my favorite law so far

24. A robot must plant two trees for every cat it kills.

remember there is a second page

Does this mean Splatbot must learn to plant trees or can he get off with a bit of weeding?
That has possibilities. Especially for a butler style robot.