Let's Make Robots!

Coolest Hat (and wife) EVER!

You have goto see what Kari made me for my birthday!!!

Oh yeah, it's a hat with a pocket.


A pocket for my iPod!!!! Hell friggin' yeah, yo!!!


Kari is the most awesome wife EVER!!!


She also made me fingerless gloves too! I can type in them! And considering that my "robot area" is in the basement and it is 50F (10C) these are the most coolest of gifts! 


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So I guess she forgave you for the "get in the box" incident. Very cool! My sister needs to teach my wife how to knit.

V-I-D-E-O !!

"Cool" is an ironic word here, right? I mean; a hat has no business on your kernel unless it is actually very nice, cozy, and hot.




insert spousal innuendo <here>






 Crickets ??


I thought that joke was solid, rik!

Hehehe, wife-knitted hats must have been the rage this year!

I think something handmade easily beats anything just bought! :)

sweet, a pick pockiters dream !!!, no, seriously it is cool
Now you need a matching sweater with lots of pockets. :P