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LMR baseball cap

How much would you pay for a baseball cap like this?


Personally I think it's a bit expensive (zazzle).

Any thoughts about the design? What changes/aditions would make it worth the 20 USD?

Besides of course an i-pocket in the rear.


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$20 USD + S/H is not bad at all for a Hat like that

It's a great looking cap, but I am a bit particular about my hats. Mostly, they have to be very low. I look like a dork with one of those old-guy hats with the front all big and flat sticking up in the air. But hey, 20 bucks... It would solve my problem of forgetting to visually tag my videos with LMR.


A CTC version: the "Distressed Chino Twill Cap".
It's 3 bucks more expensive!
The blond is not included 8-(

...she has nice teeth.


$20 would have been OKay at the pre-credit-crunch exchange rate, but I think that's a little bit much. That said, it looks like really great quality kit.


I keep forgetting that I happen to be on the good end of the latest currency developments. I find myself shopping like craze at ebay.co.uk now.

Hmmm, maybe the joke is me when my employer continues to not find me a new job....

What colour are her eyes?


Her eyes are clearly bright and sparkly.

Hey, Rik, I was thinking (not a rare event): how much of this would go to LMR? $20 would be OKay if, say, $5 was going to LMR for server hosting and stuff.


Zazzle was just the first of many google hits that allowes customizing merchandise online. I tried it and found out that I, as the "designer", get a percentage of the price. The percentage is adjustable from 10% to 99%. I tried lowering it to 0% but it would not let me. Altruism is truly dead.

I am willing to set it at any reasonable percentage, but is will be added to the base price of the cap. So increasing the percentage to 20% will also raise the price from about 20 to about 22 USD.

And I am more than willing to share that "profit" with the community somehow. Maybe as a prize in a challenge?

I don't see this as very practical though. Zazzle only pays out when the total of all "designer's fees" reach 25 USD or more. That would be 8 to 13 caps.

BTW: anyone with a spare half hour or so can design a cap and buy it at a "10% discount" from Zazzle. You do not pay for your own designer's fee.