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LMR baseball cap

How much would you pay for a baseball cap like this?


Personally I think it's a bit expensive (zazzle).

Any thoughts about the design? What changes/aditions would make it worth the 20 USD?

Besides of course an i-pocket in the rear.


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Hi LMR's

I Check in my hometown and a nice embroidery and t-shirt making store.

I realy like This site, is the best!, So I decide to see how the logo look in a cap. The results...




The best part is that only cost me US$10.95 to do it incluiding the cap!

Maybe black leters look best on this gray...



Love it! I want one!!   :D
Perhaps the letters in black with the logo type font!!!

I go to ask for another one wiht the logo baner in black and see how it looks!

They have diferent color of caps, but the black leters ill look good in all.

As soon I got it I will post the photo!

If you could get a hat exactly like that one, but black instead of grey:D, and the lettering a few sizes bigger, I'd definitely buy one of those bad boys! (lol black and blue go together so well!):)

It's missing the blonde.