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another first robot

My first robot project, after fritsl's great tutorial, with my own ideas added on with what to do with it in the future, the ds's is showing a bit in the picture, as that is something I think of using as the brain, talking to the picaxe for movement and other things, or I'll just use a gba micro, with its already built in serialport :)

I think my crazy plans come mainly from being a programmer rather than an electrician, and having a job working with games (as an artist!), I'm intrigued by artificial intelligence and an entity moving around in an enviroment while collecting data and acting according it.

I'd like to do something like that, but having the real world as an enviroment.


up and down, left and right.

Have an idea that's slightly impractical, considering two sensors could be mounted on separate servos, but what if one sensor was mounted sideways on a servo, that was mounted on another servo, for a more full view for the robot, it would give the robot an interesting appearance though if it was looking up and down aswell when scanning around.




19-4-08: Almost there..


I noticed that the hardest thing wasn't actually learning all the new stuff, it was keeping everthing together without a skeleton, and the batteryslot differing slightly in surface and connectors from what I saw in the makerobot tutorial :), but.. I have improvised quite some and it is turning out nicely, clean solders and a solid structure!, now mounting the "eyes"!..



20-4-08: Dont fall apart!..


Everything is hold together with mountingtape, and I'm not sure its the best brand around, aswell as the surfaces not cooperating very well with my tape, and in many cases not being completely flat :D.

One thing I did was take two pieces of mountingtape, put one on one surface, apply pressure to make it stick as good as it can, and then the same on the other surface, then I rmove the protective paper on the tape and stick the two together for a bit better lasting connection.

Everything seems to be working out great though, and I'll soon have it up and running..

I updated the picture to better show what it looks like atm.

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Keep it up, dude.

I recieved my treads today :D

Add your robot mr fred!

But i dont have my camera at home.

Except for my camcorder. I could post a video later on :) 

As with the double servo thing, I'm looking for a small, not so strong, but very fast servo that I've seen on some other robots on here.

What first popped in my head was definately "this wont be fast", but I started thinking of stuff like scanning 2 dimensionally instead of just left to right, it's no use to just the picaxe, since there's no memory to store such information, but to send it to a main processor, a computer or a portable gaming system, it could store an image of a depth scan, and work complex algorithms on it, and just send a simple decision back to the picaxe :)


ideas, ideas..


Whenever I get my gba-robot idea going I'll definately be posting a walkthrough on here, I'm currently having a great time learning everything about electronics now :)

If you're talking about the little blue micro servos, like the HiTec HS-55 that I picked up to play with, I was actually surprised that it's not very fast at all. They've geared it down quite a bit to give it more torque, which makes it only about as fast as a regular full-size servo. Of course, I'm sure there's different kinds in that same size that have different speeds, I just bought the cheapest one available in that size.


now it works, and as you see, nothing exciting :), but I'll be updating this.

Lots of exciting!

A) Gameboy? Serial? Programmable?? You will have to write a walk through on that seperatly, we want to know!! (and I have a spare, what can I do with it, you say??)

B) Up Down Left, Right.. Yes.. You can also buy complete brackets for it, example; Lynxmotion:


My strong advise would be to start your first project with L/R, since your robot will most likely also only make sense out of ground-plane, and gathering more info makes it all more slow while being on the move, but hey - don't want to be an idea-killer , you may have something interesting or funny up the sleeve :D

/ Fritsl

I tried the primary image thing, selected an image, but after clicking submit it doesn't show up.



I saw that other thread, so I might try something out :) 

Don't click "submit" below the picture - just chose the picture, and OK to the whole post, bottom of page.

I thought this had been dealt with, but apparently not :/ - It is a combo of a Drupal-error and Browsers incompatabilities.. 

/ Fritsl

There's only preview, submit, and delete in the bottom of the page, and no other buttons to comfirm the uploading of the image when editing the page.