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How to cut small brass tube

How to cut small brass tube... Didn't you read the title?

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Reading through my digital copy of Make Vol 27, I came across this item:

That looks familiar.

Chris, I think about you every time I cut old antennaes / areals whatever you call them shiny things from a radio that has nice tubes that always fits because they come in a lot of sizes in the same stick!

It works wonders! I dont cut all the way through, just mark it up and then break it.

Why is this a forum topic? It is a master-brilliant walk-through, and should be submitted as a such, so people can find it. What are you doing about that, to fix it, Chris?


This is not a forum post because it was just ment to make fun of rik! I guess people seem to be getting some use out of this one so, ok, ok, I will repost tonight as a proper tip/walkthrough...


Have been putting off cutting some brass tubing for a while now untill finding your Brass Tube Cutting Trick.

It worked a dream - although i found you need a brand new Stanley blade if you want a clean edge.......

......... Maybe the precision Swiss Brass tubing is superior to its neighbouring countries ......... sorry rik

He is trying to cut tool steel it looks like, damn Chris you make it look so easy then I watch that. ill take my mini hacksaw to it that will work.

Man, what's your problem there? Your tube seems a little larger in dia, but that shouldn't affect anything. It's not like you are cutting 1/2 (13mm) copper or anything! I only see 2 assumptions:

1) You suck, Hollandase blades suck, the holes in the blade suck or your tube is from some distant galaxy


2) I am truly the son of God and should be worshiped as so.


Those are the only options... I have spoken

You gotta cut him some slack Chris, he's not a trades person like us, only an IT techy. Not use to dealing with anything more physically demanding than replacing a harddrive :p

I were meant to replace those?! Ya think my boss wil notice?

Slacker DeLuxe

Just kidding Rik, to be honest I'm not 100% certain what your proffesion is. I suspect from your post's that you mainly work with Linux, networks etc.

That is kind of a given. Goes without saying. Heck, serious posts had better announce themselves three days in advance!

BTW: I was not kidding about hard drives. They really were (surplus) benefits from my sysadmin job.