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How to cut small brass tube

How to cut small brass tube... Didn't you read the title?

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I think CtC forgot to mention that the utility blades here are made by ex-patriate Japanese katana makers (named Stanley).

I've never tried CtC's crazy Stanley blade trick, so HIS is the video that looks like crazy magic to me, but it seems to me like you need to make friends with someone with a bandsaw :) I cut all kinds of aluminum, brass, and bronze piping about that size on my brother's cheap 9" wood-cutting bandsaw. I know the answer to a problem isn't always "buy more tools" (or at least, I try to keep telling myself that), but you might want to look into something like that. I think that 9" wood-cutting bandsaw was about USD $100 new, probably half that if you can find it used. Or, if you're going to be doing more metal cutting rather than wood and plastic, you might want to consider a portable metal-cutting bandsaw instead, something like this. Maybe this is an isolated case and you won't need the use of a tool like this again in the future, but you'd be surprised how damn handy a bandsaw is. Once you have access to one, you wonder how the hell you ever got along without it :) The night before I flew home for Christmas, I made an impromptu christmas ornament for my mother -- I soldered up a few LEDs and resistors on a piece of perfboard and used the bandsaw to cut the perfboard into a christmas tree shape, then hot-glued a 9v battery holder to the back. Bandsaws are great :)


Or maybe diameter is more appropriate.

Mine is 5/32 inch OD. The other one is even bigger, dunno the official K&S designation of it. I call it 5 mm. What else would I call it?

How about yours? Do you dare to say on the Internet?

Ok, do the same thing as the video but instead of back and forth, try forth and back --That should do it.


And I am getting through, but ugly! I have some VERY shaky footage of it, but it's not worth the edit. I'll give it a go wih a better blade. If I can find one.

Are you sure that's brass? Not pudding? Maybe mine has more Titanium in it or something. And my blade a bit more Jell'o ?

That is not what happens when you try that on the Eastern Hemispere. Maybe it's like the water down the drain thing Oddbot sees upside down, but with brass?!?

*where's my stuff?!*