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Good servos at the right price?

Now that I'm building so many robots servos have become a big issue with my budget. I've spent a lot of time looking for better servos at reasonable prices. The credit crissis hasn't helped. Being in Australia can be a disadvantage too with the poor exchange rate, shipping cost etc. Basically I want to know what do you think are the best value for money servos around today and where to get them in three basic categories:

1. minature, the smaller the better but torque is important too. The best I've seen for torque and size is the HXT900 which has about 1.6Kg/cm. A metal gear version is also available at a higher price.


2. standard, I have some GWS servos that are ok but I'd like to find better.

3. Heavy duty, I've just bought some Hobbytech YM2763 13Kg/cm servos with metal gears and dual bearings on the output shaft (a second bearing is mounted within the large output gear). They were $34.95 AUD in Jaycar. I have seen cheaper servos with that torque rating or better and metal gears but not with dual bearings and even then after internation shipping and exchange rates I'll have only saved a small amount after a long wait. Interestingly enough, these servos use an atmega 8L processor instead of a dedicated servo IC. Usually you only see this in the high priced digital servos, correct me if I'm wrong.