Let's Make Robots!

Oh no the horror!

After testing the motor driver and writing some code to control the robot based on line sensor input, I tried it out... Nothing seemed to happen so I double-checked the PICAXE 40X1 schematics with my robot's wiring and I have completely forgotten, that the two L293 pins for enabling motors should be wired to PWM outputs (Noooooo!). I guess I'll have to get my soldering iron heated and perform surgery on poor Pete. I was so happy that all the hardware I had wired just worked the first time... and the I go and do something like this *sigh*.

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Where where you witring the L293's to? No connection, or through a darlington or what mess did you make?

/ Frits 

I wired the enabling inputs on the L293 to a non-PWM output on the PICAXE so the pwmout command did not work.

Oh - things one does not see when using standard boards!

/ Frits