Let's Make Robots!

L.A.R.S. Light Autonomous Robotic Scout

This is our first robot. My 11 year old son and I have been working on it. We started a blog at http://www.ArduinoFun.com to post our progress for the robot and other projects while we learn about the Arduino.

Few more photos:

LARS Chassis

The Chassis. Boe Bot chassis which we used plexiglass top and then attached the IR sensors and components to.

LARS shield on the Arduino

This is the shield we built to fit ontop the Arduino. It kept everything organized easier. 

Wireless Camera

New wireless color camera added. Sends audio and video back to our tv. Runs off a 9v battery. 

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I can send you the code we used on LARS if you want. Just email me and I reply back with it. I would love to take a look at yours, but I honestly am still learning myself and I just kind of hack and piece and trial and error stuff together.
I really have enjoyed this robot, and the idea of a different platform like Arduino, wich I will need to learn, Good Effort!!!and Excelent Robot!!!

im making another arduino robot on a similar principal, im currently trying to figure out how to make the PING sensor sweep continuously and make the bot move proportionaly. would it be possible to take a look at the code? 

 We added our wireless camera to LARS this evening. You can see it sticking up off the back. It runs off a 9 volt battery and sends audio and video back to the TV. We will have to make a short video to upload later.


I Spent some time messing around with Eagle today at work and managed to design an arduino shield , I uploaded it to BatchPCB to get one made. Arduino based robot names LARS

Love the Bot and Love the site. Looking great.

Man you have got to be one proud father (of your son).

really cool pvc cable managment idea. i'll have to remember that one.


Dan (the 2nd?)

 the protoboard is by MeasureExplorer, each hole is connected to one another and then you just cut areas on the board to isolate them for what you need. It made building the circut a lot easier for us. That board, we picked up at SparkFun.com.

The box on the back is holding the 9.6v battery pack. My son had taken apart an old RC car, and we used the battery pack from it and it fit into this little box we found on something else. Then we just put a little lid on top and taped it down. The little tube sticking off the back we found at Lowes, it was a piece of PVC for a faucet. We super glued a cable hanger to the box and the PVC pipe snapped right into it. Not sure what those cable clips are called, they have a nail in them that is angled so you can hammer it onto a joist. We sawed off the nail holder so that it would fit onto the battery box.

MeasureExplorer is at:






Having your son working with you on it must be a very very nice thing. I wish i also had someone to cooperate with me in my projects!

 From the pictures it looks like you are using the wired proto board (http://letsmakerobots.com/node/4087), is it nice? Also another question: what is the box at the back of the bot: it looks misteriously powerful :) 

I added a few more photos.

I love the Arduino. When we were looking around at all the microcontrollers and stuff online it seemed easier to understand. We liked all the shield capabilities. Still have a lot to learn though. Its fun to work on and see the excitment in my son. He has a little web page that he has been working on with his buddies and it made my day to see he had written "Me and my dad are working on a robot..." Seeing how proud he is makes me so happy.

Hopefully this seed we have planted will blossom into something bigger when he is older. I do know that it has made him more interested in math and science, the subjects he had hated the most.  

You Bot is Brill. Arduino is also for me the bees knees - but sometimes its a night mare knowing what libraries work with which software version.

I very much like the addition of the Microcamera - if i am correct its quite a simple device - is that so ? (i have seen them used as birdbox cams).

I too encouraged my son with computers and particulaly Logic (inc robots) from an early age and he has profited 10 fold.

Great robot! And your first one no less! You and your son have certainly been doing your research. Nice to see it is an Arduino, I am learning more about Arduino myself. Thanks for sharing the video and your blog link with us. With a start like this I am looking forward to seeing your future bots...