Let's Make Robots!

L.A.R.S. Light Autonomous Robotic Scout

This is our first robot. My 11 year old son and I have been working on it. We started a blog at http://www.ArduinoFun.com to post our progress for the robot and other projects while we learn about the Arduino.

Few more photos:

LARS Chassis

The Chassis. Boe Bot chassis which we used plexiglass top and then attached the IR sensors and components to.

LARS shield on the Arduino

This is the shield we built to fit ontop the Arduino. It kept everything organized easier. 

Wireless Camera

New wireless color camera added. Sends audio and video back to our tv. Runs off a 9v battery. 

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I really have enjoyed this robot, and the idea of a different platform like Arduino, wich I will need to learn, Good Effort!!!and Excelent Robot!!!
I can send you the code we used on LARS if you want. Just email me and I reply back with it. I would love to take a look at yours, but I honestly am still learning myself and I just kind of hack and piece and trial and error stuff together.