Let's Make Robots!

Why not to nuke a frozen pizza?


In line with a profound scientific principle to disclose failures as well as successes, I present you with the ghastly results of an inadvertent culinary experiment in my gastrolab this evening.

Notice the total incongruity of the specimen prepared by means of magnetron (720 kJ over a period of 900 seconds) with the aspired result as documented by my esteemed colleague Herr Dr August Oetker.


Your faithful investigator can now confirm the internationally posed hypothesis that the resulting dish was every bit as crunchy as this photograph would suggest. Although, admittedly, the crunchiness was not recorded in accordance with CIA standards.

Relevance of these findings can be sought after in two, robotics related, fields. If not more. (But, unfortunately, were never properly actualized.)

  1. The threatening malnourishment of the scientist would seriously affect his or her ability to persevere in the studies of everything robotic.
  2. The cardboard-like consistency and shape of the final product might entice the robot builder to avoid the product packaging as a valid material for prototyping robots. Or worse, he or she might opt to build full blown automatons with the energetically enriched dough altogether for the dehydrated pastry make for even sturdier constructions. Presumably.

All roboticists in the LMR scientific community are hereby cordially invited to repeat this experiment and report their findings below.

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Dang. I really should place a HUGE sign above my oven:


Or something like that.

Or maybe a more high tech solution. A barcode reader reads what I am about to put in the oven and the oven decides for itself what the desired treatment would be. Hmmmm, patent clerks sharpen your pencils!

Don`t tell me you made another frisbee... was this one any more evenly cooked than the other?
did not check the quality. I just uttered something unrepeatable and proceeded to a second box. Mozarella 8-( I had my taste set on Tonno...
by retagging it

I did it again.

I just cant get a break today. I now resolve to quit thinking alltogether and start lounging. Well, another 15 minutes from now anyway.

I think the best way to cook a pizza is on a pizzastone. Leave it in while the oven is heating up. Then cook the pizza for the least amount of time listed. Turn on the broiler for 1-2 minutes to get perfect dark brown on the cheese.

I just did this the other night. Sad to say the hub and I were too hungry to stop to take pictures before devouring said pizza.

did anybody try the " Why not to forget that you have a pizza on high in the oven  " ? after that the nuked one doesnt look that bad   
i know in the past that i have nuked a pizza, as for the results the pizza usuely end up like cardboard , but wait certain oven have a special tray that cooks it evenly and it works but i havent seen any microwave with that same feature in a long time 10yrs or so , if you try the defrost function youll just get soggy pizza and it will never really cook........i would rather just use the oven and wait the extra 10 mins for a better end result
What if the defrost setting was used instead of the high power setting. Would the slower heat cycle make it cook more evenly? My wife would kill me if I tried it so I will refrain from conducting my own experiments as to preserve my life span.