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Try the Internet.. the way it shuld be

I cant believe how well this works, and how liberated I feel:


It's an addon to Firefox that makes browsing the Internet ..well, just try it! I was hesitating, but wow!


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Zanthess's picture
I've had this since I installed Firefox. It is freakin' awesome. Some ads (mainly flash) and popups get through, but it's nothing like it used to be!
rik's picture
the firefox plugin that blocks flash as well.
OddBot's picture

I can go to a site like "killfrog.com" which normally hits you with heaps of popup adds and get nothing except what I want.

I can't speak much for the linux version except that my asus eepc came with some form of linux and it seems to work fine as well.

jka's picture
Well, I used it and disabled it. My homebanking (Danske bank) doesn't work in Linux if this addon is installed. Even if I add the site to the "disable" list.