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Computer Networking (and your experiences)

After exams I was going to throw a LAN party and the game was going to be Starcraft. I just got the computers talking and sharing files to eachother, so the next step is to add the others and install the game. The specs of the comptuers are:

Pentium II

32/64mb of ram

basic vid card, one of them has a 9800radeon vid card

all 10GB but one has a 250GB

floppy disk

CD drive

They are networked together using ethernet 10/100 PCI cards across a netgear router with a 4 port switch in the back. So far they move files well and I cant wait to get them all working.

What are your experiences with computer networking?

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BTW: The computers are old machines, thats why i have 4 :D
Your setup should work just fine. Should be fine for playing Starcraft 1.