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Project "I"

Maps environment, Speaks, Learns, Shoots

Sorry about the lack of pictures. Here is another one of my long term work-on-it-somtimes robots. For this robot, I decided I didn't want to screw around with a base so I just bought a fully functional RC tank for $40 on ebay. The fact that it shoots BBs was an added bonus. For those of you who saw this project before, it was a survey defense tank. Too bad, no fun to have a robot easily punted by burglars. So what do we do now? We go for intelligence! That's right, we are talking in second person even though we are one person. join us, join us, join us, join us...

Ok, enough sillyness. certain goals will still be implemented and some nixed. I have been trying to stuff the electronics in the shell, but that ain't gonna work (ain't ain't a word and yadda yadda yadda). I'll probably just use the shell to hold batteries and put the electronics on the turret. More batteries = long run time = happy me. I want this robot to be kinda smart, that means things like:

  • Autonomous roving
  • Object recognition
  • Terrain mapping
  • Ability to follow me
  • Voice commands
  • Ability to upload the map info to my computer
  • Remote control over IP
  • Ability to charge itself

I don't want to take shortcuts on this robot, I'm gonna save my money and go all out on it. Below are some things I want to put in it.
  • Webserver (usually $65-$75 so I'll probably use a hacked Lynksis router instead)
  • Voice Synthesizer (leaning towards a Speakjet)
  • KITT style LEDs (already in, serial data is sent to them using a TLC5917 from TI)
  • Body heat tracking for targeting
  • Camera (for object recognition)
  • OOPIC III+ (came with 64K of EEPROM, but it can be upgraded)
  • Xenon LED spotlights (for night-time fun)
  • self charging station
  • claw or manipulator of some kind
  • Ultrasonic ranger (narrow beam for precision)
  • IR rangers (for simple obstacle avoidance)
  • Color LCD with touchscreen (Eventually I want to program this thing and monitor it without a computer)
  • Gyro
  • Accelerometer
  • Gas sensor
  • Compass
  • Awsomeness
Why I? I for Intelligence.

KITT style LEDs

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okay, just that i had some problems making my own IR sensor, will only detect items up to about max. 7cm. And the IR range detector i need, have to be able to measure the range to and object at least 30cm away.

That is why i am thinking of getting a sharp GP2D12 sensor, or maybe a ultrasonic range finder (SRF10).

 How did you disasample the chassie, have a tank much like the 1 you are using, just not sure how to get the top off, and do you know what kind of engiers it has (DC or step motors)?

Also thinking of putting an elektronic kompas in my tank, so i know what diereaction it is facing. Found one i think will be very good, CMPS03(www.robot-electronics.co.uk), also found a webpage where you can see it work. Will post the adress when i find it again. Just a damm shame, that it cost so much in Denmark.


What kind of IR rangers (for simple obstacle avoidance) are you thinking of using?

Also building a robot, by using the same tank. Will soon begin to make some test with some deffirent IR rangers, will make them my self. As i cant afford to buy some.

I wouldn't think of buying IR rangers!

I'll use one IR LED, IR phototransistor, and a comparator per ranger (obviously some other parts involved). They work good and can be adjusted with a potentiometer.

That should be a cool bot when it's done. It would be nice to see video, even if it's just remote controlled.

Hee hee. Unfortunately, it isn't even RC right now. : )

It is very far from being finished, mainly because the stuff I want for it isn't exactly in the $200 dollar robot range like most of my robots. That kinda reminds me of my first robot attempt. I had 25 or so infrared sensor pairs along the body of the robot. It was rather sad. I hadn't even planned how to control all of them. I spent $130 on the infrared LEDs and phototransistors and raided 3-4 radio shacks in idfferent cities. I'll post a picture of all those sensors soldered to 2 breadboards. It's pretty funny. The good news is I never have to worry about running out of IR parts.  

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