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MY OOPIC IS DEAD! (sort of)


Well, sort of. I was working on a project involving Flexinol (SMA muscle wire) and there was a power supply short. The 9-volt battery snap for my OOPIC 2's power broke (it was one of those stupid vinyl ones) so I was powering it with a computer power supply and alligator clips. I didn't double check my connections, and accidentally connected 5V+ and ground to the same thing on opposite ends of the OOPIC board. I had built a connector to connect alligator clips to a standard computer power supply cable. There were two wires wrapped around eachother for neatness coming out of this connector to the alligator clips. Anyway, the short at the OOPIC board caused these to wires to act like an inductor, and heat up. Needless to say, the insulation on these wires insinerated instantly and the room filled with smoke. The 2 bare wires just made matters worse, increasing the short. I managed to shut it off before a fire started (phew). Now my OOPIC 2 can't do anything complex. Actually, it can't even read the input from a button. All it can do is tun on single digital pins. 1-bit data, that's it. But things just got better! I just ordered the latest OOPIC 3+! WOOHOO! Now I will be able to use any OOPIC object in my software! Double WOOHOO! Still, I'm going to miss my first OOPIC. Actually, My first MCU for that matter.