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Servo Oddness

Ok, just got sensors and servos for my robot. I am using a picaxe 28x1 . Here's the thing, I know there is a bug in the picaxe a.4 firmware and it may cause servo problems. When I do  the servo command (servo 0,150 etc.) the servo does not do anything. When I plug in the battery pack (I am using two power sources) the servo buzzes a little bit thats all. I assume that this is because of the buggy firmware. When researching this bug on LMR I discovered that some people got their servo to work by using servo 7,150 when the servo was plugged into digital input 0. How ever I am using pin 7 with the motors. So what do you guys think, do i have the bug? If so is there anyway to get my servo to work without having to go through the trouble getting a replacement?

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Ant, looks like you saved my robot again

I was saying readadc 1,b1 but really the first pins are 0 so saying readadc 0,b1 worked.


well I have the analogue sensor, the right type. I am pretty sure it is connected to the right things.
When I had the same problem, it turned out I had it connected o the wrong input. Other than that, make sure it's the right kind of sensor, I think it should be the gp2d120, and not the digital type.

Hi, instead of making another post I figured I may as well ask my question here:

Just wired sharp Ir sensor to my robot and connected the remaining analogue inputs to v. However when I do this,


readadc 1,b1


goto main

When I put my hand in front of the sensor and move it outwards I only get a slight if no change (255 to 254) in the debug menu. Any ideas?


good to hear everything is moving along

Alright, sorry guys I had another stupid mistake stopping the servo from working. Put a 15k resistor in input 0 where the darlington use to be and got the servo to work perfectly.


Well here you go,

I am almost completely positive I have the second power supply and servo wired correctly. This is because when I take a battery out of the second power supply and then put it back in I get a small little movement/twitch from the servo.

I removed the darlington, but no resistor yet.

Ant: I do not have any real code, just doing things like

servo 0, 175

pause 1000

servo 0,200

pause 1000

and trying to get a response from the servo

Can you post the whole progam your using.

if you meen me, here it is:

servo 0,225

pause 800

servo 0,025

pause 800

servo 0,200

pause 800

servo 0,050

pause 800

serco 0,125

pause 3000

the only thing you might need to adjust is the pin number hope this works

Well thanks for trying, but it didn't work. Does version a.3 have same bug as a.4?