Let's Make Robots!

best sensor for object sensing?

well more like geese? ha!

 i was thinking maybe just using a sound sensor to go towards to sounds of the geese..

would that be the best way?
i dont think infared would be the best since the geese are outside and it could sometimes be bright.

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Are the lambs errr... geese silent?

How about a normal directed microphone to tracks the sound of the geese?

is in fact a goose. They can spot a member of their species very fast and will give off an audible alert.

Barring that (although it would not be the first time an engineer caged a bird for detection purposes), you are up against the same difficulties others are describing on the site when trying to detect pets or humans. Let alone track and trace them.



well. i was originally going to use sound.

the whole purpose is i live on a farm and our geese want to get up on the porch and get inside our fountain instead of going to a pond.
on top of that they crap everywhere close to the house. so i figured i'd do some research and have my frst robot be a plastic bb goose shooting bot.

but that bullybot seems like it'd be the exact thing i needed!

Just fire off a couple 12 guage rounds at em once in a while, they will get the point. You could also just stick 1 end of your mains (120/240v) in the water and the other to a wire mesh loop that goes around the outer edge of the fountain so when they get water while stepping on the mesh they become a poultry resistor (value to be determined later) and you have dinner.

BigBug has the best idea so far.

heh well, i dont think mom would appreciate her fish not swimming anymore :D

and i want to shoot the stupid geese. dang things crap all over my car and yell in the morning.


but those two ideas are def a nogo!