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sound help needed

im waiting on parts to finish my blimp bot and to make a line follower walk though. but whilst thinking about the line follower i came up with wacky racer crazy line followers. This is something im sure every one will like. what im after is code for a horn sound and a plane engine running sound and a car engine running sound plus a skiding sound. i havent  tryed to code for these sounds myself yet but it would save me alot of time if some one has already got them and i can post the walkthouhgh quicker. also im only useing a peizo not a speaker

thanks in advance


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Probably best off getting a cheap keyring style message recorder that can store a couple of recordings.

From my experience you can't get any sounds other than beep boop noises directly from the picaxe.  Maybe find something like this:


Well, if you want code, you should tell us what language it should be written in :)

And I think you will want a speaker, if you want a more wide spectrum of sounds than just beeping.

its for the picaxe 28x1 and im only after basic sounds and want to keep the cost down so i dont want to use a speaker.

i could try to make these sounds myself  but i was crap when the first nokiea phone came out and you could make your own ring tone. lol 

an engine running sound would be great but  i could settle for just a horn and a crashing sound