Let's Make Robots!


Go forward and turn because of allignment :)

Well I am waiting for my version A.5 picaxe and got an idea for this little guy. He is not fully done yet but getting there.

Stevie is a BEAM bot/Solar Roller. As you will see in the video I need to get him a good propeller from a hobby shop. And he is only under a 100 watt bulb. In sunlight that motor will move pretty fast.

It only cost about 25 bucks to make him.

The solar cell is SCC3733 from solarbotics.com

The base is made out of expanded PVC.

The wheels are 9mm rubber.

The back has a small metal caster on it.

The motor is from a broken Sony cell phone.

Green small LED for the head light.

I used the wire that came with my picaxe board since it was small enough. I just pulled each cable free from the ribbon.

The propeller is a home made one from cut up twisty ties. lol I cant wait to find an acuall small propeller for him.




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But not so much the pictures. I hope you will shoot a few in sunlight as well.

I wonder if a better propellor would suffer from being hidden behind a big massive air blocking (although power producing) wall.

There is room under the solar panel for air flow and the prop is getting air flow. If it has an issue I may just mount the solar panel straight and a little higher. :)


And as soon as we have a sunny day then yes I am testing outside. :) it has been cloudy lately. Most of the time my pictures come out good on that camera. I dont know what happened. :(

get the lamp behind the camera
I tried again in direct sunlight and it is still blurry. I think I am just too close. Once I get some better pics I will post them. :)
my camera has a macro setting that allows for really close closeups. But then again, with 5 megapixels or more, who cares about resolution? Just crop the image afterwards.

If Im not mistaken, a flourecent light would yeild better power. Dont quote me on it but I think so. Even a small battery powered one might provide enough energy.

Great idea. Where the hell do you people get your creativity from? Drugs? Alcohol? Lightining strikes? I have no creativity but the knowledge to get it done.

I tried florescent bulbs. They are bright but don't produce enough heat. Solar power is based off of light and heat kind of just like the sun. :) I used 100 watt bulbs for the test and 150's non soft white would produce the best power because the filament is basically on fire.

My ideas come from no where all of a sudden. But I am an aquariaus so I am used to that lol... I do like alcohol though... dont do drugs, and have never been struck by lightening but have been shocked before. :P

like the bot. I just aquired that same cell, so I'll have to get something like this going.