Let's Make Robots!

JABO Project - "drumming bots jam session"

I thought of a possibly fun project for the robots inspired by Fritsl



Let me know what you think.





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Sounds fun. Right now i've got my hands full just getting it to work the normal way, but once I've got everything ironed out it sounds like an interesting challenge. I'd been  thinking of making a dancing robot next, to follow around LDM and dance to his drum beats. I'm sure he'd he happy to join the party too :) Latency would definitely be an issue. It could either be handled by running ping tests and calculating offsets for each machine, or as you say, just ignoring it and letting the latency contribute to the music. Does Loki have any actuators? Can he make music somehow?


Loki does not have actuators at the moment - I like yourself have got my hands full, in my case putting his eyes on...
Loki has 2 batteries @ 24v and 37 Ah - I think it has enough power to do some serious smackdaddy on something (like a fridge?).  Its just a matter of finding the right solenoid or motor....

music? yeah, i got a mic and speakers - originally i was using them for speech synthesis , i took them off but it would be easy to put them back on - since the computer is onboard in addition to smackin stuff around downstairs and outside - i somehow have a vision of it playing elevator music in the background as it goes about drumming on stuff....

dunno how it will all turn out, but i like having a general goal to work for ... even if it does get completely turned into something else at the end..

Yup, it's a good idea, and I hope we can make something happen in the future. I'd be curious to see whether the Arduino could handle processing audio like that, or if I'd have to resort to a separate computer. Of course, there's always the option of just sending something similar to MIDI, specifying which beats the robot is playing when, without sending the actual audio data. That'd be easier, but of course less fun.