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Do you have access o a cheap digital camera that I can get?

Hi all,

I had one of them extremely poor digital cameras, the kind that is almost given away for free.

I zapped it (with it's owm flash) - and I need a new one like NOW for a new robot I am planning.

I thought I could get one at any shop that sells cheap junk.. but aparently those days are over?!

My question is:

Would you have an old digital camera laying around that you are no longer using, or can you in your country still get them cheap cameras and would you help me by buying one and send it?

I'd really appreciate it, perhaps you would be interested in my measure-thingey (My wife gave me a new one)

Specs are irelevant, it does not need to have a flash, as long as it can take pictures "on it's own", that is not as a webcam only, but as a stand alone picture-taking device.

The only camera I have managed to find is this:


- But that is just too ugly to be a prominent part of my robot :D I need it to be black, silver, grey, you know, look like a "camera", or at least a web-cam.. and not like well. a piece of cyan plastic-thingey :) (I ust know that if I put that on my robot, it will irritate me all the time how non-camera that looks)

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 Cheap Chinese crap! 

I am not a spammer! It was just a quick reaction from a really intelligent spambot :P

 But serious: dealextreme sells very cheap webcams:


You can get it on ebay even cheaper:


It's cheap. Not in a "please can we kill this spammer" kind of way. It's actually a relevant link to plastic gizmos and doodads.

Be careful with the single link posts and the bold typeface Leo!

This is a tough one. The posting clearly looks like spam, but they do have a lot of "I want to buy this, not because I need it but because it's cool" things.
I've got an old 1.3mp digital camera, that isn't all funny colors. Thing is, I took it all apart and you'd have to figure out how it goes back together.

Thanks a bunch :)

However, as written with all the rubbish above, " I found a Canon 8Mpixl for about USD 100, I'll just make the robot press it's buttons, and so my wife can have it when the robot is not using id :P"

But thanks!


What's wrog with cyan? It's a Mac color: http://www.amazon.com/Apple-iMac-333MHz-32MB-6GB/dp/B000H331WO. You like Macs, right? :D
Perfect question.
Yes, I mean he should love the camera in a Mac color. Mac fanboys are always fighting to be the first to get the latest that comes from Apple or looks like it comes from Apple. If Steve Jobs farted in a can, painted it white with an apple on it, mac-fans would  fight each other to get it. :)

I just love using Mac, and I like the hardware design as well :)

Cyan was, btw, the mac-color in like 98 or something ;P

I really hate using Microsoft products, all that virus and stuff. Restarting, clicking "yes, I'm fu*king sure" etc. I have never had any antivirus on my macs, and never had any virus. I never have to restart, and never have system crash.

This is written on an iMac that is about 5 years old. When I saw it, I thought "Wow, that is one nice big monitor". Then I realizedthat it was a complete reallystrong computer inside the monitor. Nice.

I still think about it all the time, how nice it is to work with. I could not imagine a Linux or Microsoft that I could do that on after 5 years! Completely silent, wants to help & impress me, instead of irritate me.

However, this thread is closed as far as I'm concerned. I found a Canon 8Mpixl for about USD 100, I'll just make the robot press it's buttons, and so my wife can have it when the robot is not using id :P


(I'm happy because I use Mac)

PS: Just got a 17" macbook pro, nice!! keyboard light inside letters fade up when it's dark while monitor fades down not to hurt my eyes. 2 light measuring devices, so it even reacts correct if a lamp is casting light in from one side etc. So nice! mmmm!