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Do you have access o a cheap digital camera that I can get?

Hi all,

I had one of them extremely poor digital cameras, the kind that is almost given away for free.

I zapped it (with it's owm flash) - and I need a new one like NOW for a new robot I am planning.

I thought I could get one at any shop that sells cheap junk.. but aparently those days are over?!

My question is:

Would you have an old digital camera laying around that you are no longer using, or can you in your country still get them cheap cameras and would you help me by buying one and send it?

I'd really appreciate it, perhaps you would be interested in my measure-thingey (My wife gave me a new one)

Specs are irelevant, it does not need to have a flash, as long as it can take pictures "on it's own", that is not as a webcam only, but as a stand alone picture-taking device.

The only camera I have managed to find is this:


- But that is just too ugly to be a prominent part of my robot :D I need it to be black, silver, grey, you know, look like a "camera", or at least a web-cam.. and not like well. a piece of cyan plastic-thingey :) (I ust know that if I put that on my robot, it will irritate me all the time how non-camera that looks)

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God is evil; Took both time AND camera from me, gave it to you! Yes, I get it, mean stuff :)

Thanks for the link though!!

Yes, excactly!

(only; It's out of stock! - which is always my problem)

Now I assume it would be cheaper to order from some place in the UK.


This is the only retailer I can find over there, seems like they are in stock.

Dont forget my offer still stands.

Thanks a lot for the link & very large offer of donating one to me :)

I'll use the link, thanks again :)

Those cameras dont work. No firmware.

Thanks, I got a canon instead :)



but it's not cyan