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Analog input 1?

Hey guys.

 I ordered and recieved most of my things and was building my first robot! (looks like crap, but hey, off with the looks)

Anyhow, i was going though the manual in the START HERE page. At one point it simply says to plug the singal wire to Analagod Input 1. Fine, i thought. BUT WHERE THE HELL IS IT???


Argh! I have a PICAXE 28X1 board,but I'll include a few pictures anyway.


Any help would be appreciated.

 Also, the batterie pack i'm using contains 3xAA batteries and has an ON/OFF switch, is it okay to leave the batteries in while testing if I leave it OFF?

Thanks again.


(you can simply edit the picture with paint and circle the place where I have to connect the SINGAL wire, that would be appreciated!)

_DSC0410.GIF2.38 MB

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Hey hey hey!


What if I stripped wires on the 9V-looking plug and reversed them? That way I could easily connect the battery pack without soldering! (though I would have to unsolder anyways  :P)

 Yes... no?

I think I'll follow Fritsl's advice and actually PM him about this...

Ah damn.

 I disconnected the 9V-immitating plug and soldered the red and black wires to the microcontroller directly. (I used the V and G schematic that Fritsl put together to know where to put them... it seems it didn't matter where I had to put them as long as it was a V for power and G for ground... right?)

 Anyways, I'm still getting the error... anyone got any ideas.



I get the impression that you connected the V and G from the battery pack to V and G pins on the board? In that case, I'm pretty sure it does matter which ones ...

Oooooh... I`ll unsolder them and await LOLGeek`s picture to see how he set things up since we share the same board, motors, ect... And the same name!


Thanks Calculon!

Aaaah, thanks Calculon320!

I thought that might happen, but hoped it was just me being paranoid.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

 Thanks again!

i made that mistake before, too. the problem is your two nine-volt-plug-looking things. The positive and negative poles are reversed, so what you're doing is running the power to ground, and vice versa. I would just cut those things out and solder the lines together instead.

My power supply a 3xAA pack that's connected to the V/G plug on the microcontroller (I actually just soldered the black and red wires to a 9V-looking wire/plug).

 Here's a picture to clarify.

 1st Bot

Alright, de-soldered my Red and Black wire to put 'em there. (I know I didn't have to, but felt like it!)


ANyhow, plugged and soldered everything, connected the USB cable, set it up/installed, set the ports. Yet still, I get the PICAXE error telling me nothing's detected.

 I read somwehere that the voltage mustbe between 4.5V and 5.0... I have 3xAA batteries hooked up, should that be enough?



What red and black did you desolder? The lines in the picture represent the wires connected to the Sharp range finder. Did you disconnect your power supply?

3AA should work fine.