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On Thing-A-Day you can be part of a special, community driven makers experience. The topic is about making things share it with others on a daily basis throughout the February. In other words... experiment and fun with people who like to do so. I got the hint via Ranjit "Moonmilk" Bhatnagar. In his newsletter he wrote:

Last year I ended up making a musical instrument every day-- it was a fun challenge and I learned a lot! You don't have to sign up and post on thing-a-day.com, but last year I found that it was a good motivator and fun to trade comments with other participants, and I met some great people through thing-a-day too.

The good news are, that he will contribute this year again on Thing-A-Day. His special motto is "Instrument-A-Day". You can have a look at the instruments Moonmilk made in Feb 2008 on his blog.

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i love the auto tension guitar...very simple