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The goal is to allow 2 PICAXE chips to speak with each other via IR.

What receiver and transmitter have you all had success with. Where can I purchase? (links?)

Thanks all.

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For the transmitter, I used the standard radioshack ir emmiter. you can pick those up pretty cheap.

For the receiver, I used a TSOP34838 that I got from mouser electronics.

This is the module I built using the receiver. The circuit is based on the example given in the datasheet with an additional pnp to blink the led when I get a hit. It works great.


Cool, thank you. Gonna check out this mouser electronics.

Well this took a whole second to do. Thanks for the pointers.



First and foremost, you gotta understand that the ir(in) command won't let anything else get done until it receives a signal. There is a time out on the bigger picaxes though. I did this with 14m's so to get around the problem, I used a "handshake" signal hardwired from I to O (and vice-versa) to let the other chip get ready to receive a signal... At any rate, you don't need anything special at all. Use the standard IR in set-up that picaxe suggests --The "3-pin receiver, 4.7 cap, couple resistors" one. Its also the set-up used on the standard 28 board (it's between the 28x and the input pins on the 28 board --there is a write-up here somewhere). For the tx, it is just an IR LED. That's it. Wire the LED exactly the same way you would a red or green one. Again, some of the smaller chips require the IR out to be a specific pin, most of the big ones you can use any out pin. I'm sure that the brighter the IR LED, the more range you have.

Here's the guy I did this with... 

(I can't believe it, but there is code I used in the above post!)