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Multi Temperature Sensor Reading and Recording Device

The video shows what it does, but I will explain again here. It establishes a serial connection. When one of the switches is flipped it starts collecting data from the temperature sensor once every however long I want it to be for how ever many times I would like it to take temperatures...or until it runs out of memory. When the other switch is tripped it shoots the data out into the debug window. The other sensors' data is random numbers It works better if you take data from a sensor that is actually connected :P. I have to get more of the sensors.

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the the video does not work currently, it needs to be "processed"
look up
I will be building little "houses" with different green roofs to test biological heating effect. The sensors will be inside small project poxes with headers mounted on them so it will be nice and easy to connect and disconnect them. These boxes will be inside the "houses" and I will track the temperature for a day or two at a time
Have you thought of sending the data out to an LCD? Or to a memory device?
I will probably create a processing program to create graphs and charts or whatever but yah i was thinking of getting an LCD or one of the memory chips whose name i forget currently.
Sparkfun has a small breakout for the SD cards that might be useful. Or Chris the Carpenter has been doing some work with I2C EEPROMs.