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Avoid objects, navigate around via ultrasound, can lock on in scan mode
StarterRobotJasper.bas4.47 KB
SRF05StarterCode.BAS2.31 KB

Jasper is my version of the start here robot. He has a Picaxe 28x1 v A.5 brain. (Finally got my updated chip today!)

He just avoids objects right now.

Right now he just has 1 servo, 2 geared G3 motors with tracks, and the Picaxe 28x1 vA.5 firmware.

I have added the code which I modified from the start here robot and the how to on the SRF005 node.

He first started to twitch his servo because of the pulsout command for the SRF005 sensor. I added a pause to his pulses and now the twitching is minimal. This is because even though it is on separate pins there is still a pin on the Picaxe 28x1 assembly that is giving the servo a pulse also causing it to move. Adding a pause of 10 milliseconds before and after the pulse helps this as you will see in the video. :)

If you make a start here robot with the SRF005 or any other pulsout sensors (Sonic sensors) feel free to use the code attached to this bot. :) 


PICT00011.jpgI am in the background on this one lol... :P

PICT0008.jpgCold beer here! W00T!


I do thank everyone who has helped me with questions and Fritl for starting all of this mess. lol :P 


Update: 1/28/2009 Video added and updated code. Servo added and object scanning mode added. Pictures below.


Update: Feb 27 2009

He is complete since I am going to change to the serializer .NET :D 


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great post, i'll try the code, (struggling with this!)

i've built a similar bot, with the picaxe 28x1, srf005 ultrasonic. ace fun.



Heres a page with all the gear.


These treads are found on other sites but were made by solarbotics.