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Can I get a little help ?

I need a little help with my Pololu Micro Dual Serial Motor Controller.... I am trying to use it with my arduino robot but I have no clue where to start code wise  ... where can I get sample code ... or even a guide on how to code for it .. I am sort of stuck on  this .... any help is appreciated greatly :)



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dont make your titles "help" but something about what your topic is about. I can help you with the code. http://www.robotshop.ca/content/PDF/arduino-pololu-motor-controler-code.pdf that is where i got help for mine. What this code is doing is sending 4 different bites to the motor controller the first one just says "im giving you information" the second one says "yup i want you to run a motor" the thrid one says "which motor do you want to turn and which way" the last one says "how fast"

Thank you very much ... I do not know how you guys came up with these resorces so quick ... I spent hours on google looking for even the smallest bit of code to learn with .

 And I will remember to name my help posts more appropriatly :) 


A Google search turned up this article, and some info from right here!

I bow to your advanced googly awesomeness lol thank you very much for this juicy morsel of information :)