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A question about sound and the Picaxe 28x1

I have been following this thread http://letsmakerobots.com/node/1194 and was wondering if I made the connection like so:


1. I cant use the darlington driver because I am using servos. What would I connect into the pin slot? It would be pin 3 since I am using 0-2 for servos.

2. It looks like on the picture that the other two pins are connected to each other (the ones to the right of the red wire connection). It may just be an issue with the picture. So do I need to connect those two pins? And if so would a jumper work? I have lots of jumpers for computer systems. (The little black jumpers)

Thanks for your help. :)

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So if checking what those 2 pins are, to the right of the red one with this article, what would be the reason for connecting them? 

It appears that the above picture is simply an imperfect re-drawing of an earlier picture.

It is never wise to jumper a positive voltage source to its ground. The referenced article may not be the best use for driving a speaker either, since it is a low impedance device that could over-draw a PIC pin in use. It might be pretter to have at least a transistor in between the PIC and the speaker, or maybe even an amp of some sort

I thought those two were the + and - respectivly just like the servo connection. The picture was just weird and I am very new at electronics and wanted to make sure. An amp seems like the best choice. I just wanted to see if there was a way just to connect a speaker directly since I had a speaker from a loud speaker on an old cell phone. I liked it because it is small and already housed.
put a 10uf capacitor between the signal pin and the speaker. 
Thanks for the info
Those 2 are + and - of a servo connection, specifically the power connections, and it is not good to connect one directly to another. That is called "shorting the supply" and it melts PCB traces, wires, and battery packs. Minus or - is simply another name for ground, when using a battery power supply.
I don't want to do that... I would rather have a robot then a melted piece of plastic lol. :)
I am now working on Jaspers sounds. :) thanks for all your help