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FREE photoelectric sensor sample

I'm such a glutton for free sample stuff!




All you have to do is tell them what you plan to use it for and they'll send you one. Kinda nifty I think.


Now I'll have to think up a project....

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I got a call from a sales rep asking how I liked my sensor. I told him I hadnt received it yet. I admitted that I wasn't using it for corporate use but did tell him that I would do a write up on it and post it on a website that hosts thousands of people interested in new sensors and robotics. Lets see if it ever comes I really want to try it out and will do a write up.

They finished this "free trial period" on January 31, 2009


what are they? which one did you choose ?

Cool. I will have to order one for our project. We are working on this:


Its uses an LDR to sense when the light is on inside the refrigerator.


Did anyone recieve one of these yet? I'm going to guess that my request was denied cause I requested one a while ago.
You did read lolgeeks post, right?
Of course....it was a satirical question.
From reading the manual that came with it. I am going to not connect the white cable but only the + and - along with the output cable. I am connected it to the analog on the Pixaxe on Jasper and see what happens in debug mode lol... :D
Well it works somewhat on 4.5 v lol... I need to connect it to a separate power supply and try it.
I just ordered one. :)