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Gripper Bot

Will be able to catch things with a grippe

Foto Album

I'm thinking in make a robot where i can make my things my way.. so i'm making it to be line follower, but to future update to gripper.

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From now on i will start to upload fotos to here.. to don't spam the main topic.


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i just added a foto album, with the evolution..


Hi, it seems a cool project, I made something similar. I made this robot controlled by RF signals and with a gripper on it. Perhaps this can help you.




is that a hydraulic pump in the gripper?

No, the gripper is mechanic, using a simple motor

hey i recognise those bit from a real robots kit that costs heaps.

so well done for doing something with that failure of a kit.

(well mine was brock when i got it and only found out when spare parts were cancelled)

i'm still working on it.. the aren't much done at the moment, just some ideas =p i go upload my last updates anyway