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MaxBot V1

Navigate via Bumper switches

This is my first bot....as you can tell.  It is an on going learning experience for sure.  This is basically V1 as I intend to mount and wire everything in a more permanent fashion.  Its one thing to get motors spinning and bumper switches working independantly but combining it all is a much greater feeling of accomplishment.  I have the servo and waiting on the Ping to finalize the layout.    Thanks to all who provided insight to my coding questions.  I'm sure there will be more shortly...


After taking my Arduino off the bot and using for various other projects I finally finished the functional V1.1 of my bot.  One of the motors in the Tamiya gearbox spins faster than the other which I'm hoping will rectify itself once I move to a more permanant solution.  I'm using the Adafruit protoshield at the moment but working on the circuit board for a more permanant solution as well as a different chassis.  The PING was seeing things that werent there towards the end of the video but I believe I tracked the problem down to my batteries getting low.  I am happy to finally have a completed "Start Here" type robot and just the amount that I learned from trial and error was worth the time(and money) spent.

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Cant wait to see some more video of it. :)
It looks nice keep up the good work! Just a question what motor controller are you using?

I'm using an SN754410NE chip to drive the Tamiya gearbox. 

Looking good.
Maybe you could take those bumpers and put them in your hand to steer it. Left button  turn left, right button turn right, booth forward, and none stop.

/Emil Hemdal (SWE)

Eventually they will be mounted as actual left and right bumpers but I am impatient and wanted to see my code working. = )