Let's Make Robots!

GigaPan Epic, the Gigapixel robot tripod

I've just read some news about David Bergman, a guy who has taken a super panoramic gigapixel photography of Obama's inaugural address

This was done by merging 220 pictures taken with a robotic tripod.

(which is a really cool idea) 

here are the picture and GigaPan robot




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This blog seems to be saying that some folks have made a multi-image panning robot camera. Video


This is the other product from CharmedLabs, who produce the qwerk robotics board I'm using... I wish I'd signed up for the gigapan beta when I had the chance!
Thats looks cool... I want me one :P
There has gotta be a DIY version of this online somewhere! As a mather of fact, I think I remember one. Somewhere on Makezine probably.

There's loads of software out there for stitching photos together into larger panoramas, Adobe photoshop/elements does it. I think Corel does it too. I'm sure I've seen references to free downloadable packages. IIRC Microsoft (or perhaps Google) has an beta thingy on the web that stitches together all the geo-tagged photos from flickr or something to create 3D pictures of popoular locations.


I meant DiY hardware. Do I really have to google everything myself in here!?>!?!?!?!!

That's pretty awesome, they probably cost as much as my camera though, CMU's at it again, god I can't wait to go there!