Let's Make Robots!

LMR 1 year old Birthday Speech!


Happy Birthday, all LMR.

I am not going to make a long speech, because seriously; It would be emotional!



I think it is really fantastic that a thing like this can be done, and has so much life.


End of that speech :) You can make your own below :)

Win A Measure-thingey!

This multimeter or whaever it is called, was used on making the first robot that entered LMR.

in this weekend, it is donated to a member of LMR.


But who should I send it to? Well, time to a little birthday-contest!


Competition ends sunday evening somehow, depending on your time zone :)

The winner will be (if anyone participates, that is) the one who is making most dots on a piece of normal letter / printer-paper.

That's right; the most dots on a piece of paper!

You may NOT use a printer, nor any other pre-made machine to make the dots.

Dots should be made either by hand (take a chance and make 30 dots with a pen & participate with that, chances are that you win) - OR with any mechanical device that you make yourself.

IF (against all ods) we should be in doubt about who has made the most dots on a sheet of paper, we will have to ask some nerd in here to make an apparatous that can count the dots. So there you go, the dots has to be individual and clear enough for the dot-reader to see!

You participate by taking a picture / scan your dotted piece of paper, and enter it in a comment below.

May the best dotter win!

Please participate, for the sport of it ;) You can always re-donate the thing!


Latest stats!

LMR has Google stats on it. I would REALLY love to grant everyone the access to it, but I have not managed to find a way that Google provides free access for everyone. (PM me if you want me to make individual access for you, some in here have it already)

However, since it's birthday, I have dumped 3 stats-files for you to have fun with. See atachments to this post.

Apart from your findings, let me just comment this; It is apparent that there are 2 peaks in the early stages of the year.

These where when I released video of YDM, the first one on Google vieo, next on Youtube.

note how much it means for us that the videos have links to letsmakerobots.com! (Don't forget) We are also releasing a kit for you to print out our logo etc. More on that somewhere else.

Second comment is; Apart from the bumps, we have a steady, strong growth. Just now I am getting to the point where I am dissapointed if we do not have 2.000 visitors every day!

You can be sure that your project is seen by MANY people, and if you are helping, and making walkthroughs etc, you are really helping thousands of people.

Thank you for the first year, It was super :D

I hope you have a happy birthday-weekend!

Cheers ;)

Analytics_letsmakerobots.com_20080130-20090130_DashboardReport.pdf145.55 KB
Analytics_letsmakerobots.com_20080130-20090130_GeoMapReport.pdf55.69 KB
Analytics_letsmakerobots.com_20080130-20090130_UserDefinedReport-1.pdf52.24 KB

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YAY I'm right behind Fritz for most page views!
Comon, do I have to win it myself?
ok. I'm in. lol
Let's see the paper then!
Yes, you may enter several times with even more dots! It is just who has the most on sunday / monday (my sunday evening may be your monday)


There is my entry!

Way more dots than I had Jasper do! :) nice LMR at the bottom there... :D

Rofl!! Now that is really a lot of dots one one piece of paper :D


Here are the pictures for the challenge. I had Jasper sing happy birthday and do some dots on a piece of paper. :) I also made a video you can check out here:





Huge laugh :D

I admid I fastforwarded the middle of the video :D