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My first navigation bot

Navigate using a reflective infrared sensor


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I have made my first robot with my dad not long ago. My dad wrote the program as I'm not EXACTLY sure how to use the ADC, which I need to interpret the analog output of the sensor. However, I think I am very close to writing my own programs.

Anyway, here it is; my first navigation bot:


Ok, I admit its chassis is quickly pieced together using a construction kit thing similar to Lego, called K'nex.

General construction:

  • Reflective infrared distance sensor with analog output
  • Two K'nex tracks driven by K'nex motors
  • AVR ATtiny26

Unfortunately his sensor only seems to detect obstacles at 6-10cm. I'm thinking of making a similar bot with a "proper" chassis.

The sensor held with a simple clampMotor unit and wiring

Sensor held with clamp                                                 Motor unit and wiring (rear of bot)

View from bottom of K'nex motorRobot peripheral board

K'nex motor (view from bottom)                                      Robot "peripheral board"



YAY! The robot is complete!


DOH! I thought I had blown my ADC because I was attempting to write my own program, and the sensor suddenly stopped working. However, after some careful observation and multimeter tests I found I had forgotten to reinforce the ribbon cable going from the sensor to the board with hot glue, so I had some short-circuits or something. Well, at least that's easier to fix than a microcontroller's ADC.


Ok, I've now got the robot up and running again, although I would like to improve the range of the sensor somehow.

Next Project (Muhahahaha!!!!!!!!!):



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I'm totally impressed how inventive folk are when making chasis, and this is no exception.


I want to see them tracks move! Video?

i'll try get some vids as soon as possible :)

I would really like to see some video also. :)

Very creative. I often revert to K'nex for inspiration. 

The world's best motto: When all else fails, use a bigger hammer.

woops! I blew the microcontroller. I'll get some more but for now just hang on.....

AHA, I thought the ADC had blown because it didnt react to the sensor. However, now I know that it was a problem with the peripheral board. Problem solved.
However, blip.tv does not work. See this howto for more info.
and a video with alot of interference is up and running!
Those tracks work quite nicely even on a wooden floor. What was that interference you were getting? Was something running in the background or something? :P Nicely done!