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Mosaics (warning: this blog is a big download)

For those of you interested in mosaics from photo archives, here come some more.

The one on the frontpage (during our 1st birthday celebration) is created from an archive of about 700 pictures from LMR. There are more than a thousand tiles in the picture. I used software called Andrea Mosaic. Check out this website for more info about the software and for more beautiful mosaics.


(Click on the mosaic above if you're ready for a 4 MB download.)


The art below is all created with (almost) identical parameters: about 840 tiles from an archive of 900 pictures. The end result is only 800 pixels wide, so you can view it in your browser without (much) zooming and panning. If you do not recognise the original right away, just stand up and watch it from a distance. I know visitors in the Van Gogh Museum need to do that as well.


First a photo in black and white that is not on LMR:



Here is one robot that started the whole robotic head fashion hype.


Avatars are also lots of fun. This one is really easy on the software. Just tweak the colour in the tile (up to 30% was allowed by me).


AndreaMosaic has the option to rotate every photo in each tile 180 degrees. That just made THIS avatar a must have.


(If you turn your computer up-side-down you will recognise our own Andrea in the mosaic.)


This is the creator of the official Logo robot:



Feels like looking into a mirror huh Oddbot?



I figured the software would have a field day with this clearly defined avatar, but I am not too impressed. Maybe the original has too low a resolution. Maybe the lack of colour variation makes it difficult. Maybe I should have requested more tiles. The compromise between recognising the whole against recognising individual tiles sometimes is a hard one to reach.



Obligatory plug of the YDM:



And finally, because it is en vogue at the moment. And cute:



Ooh, this just in. Speaking of van Gogh Bots, look at what Google came up with:




Whose avatar is so graphic and black and white and boring and non-jpeg, that I didn't even bother.

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Fuck me!



Awesome idea everyone ! 

I went to the mosaic site but was surprised to see the work they have on display incorporating "random" images from around the world into a fantastic picture of Starry Night...

There is something very appealing about the recursiveness of using relevant pictures. Like you did with the Logo.  I'm suprised the people who made the Starry Night picture did not choose from a source of paintings from that same impressionistic period, or some other relavent theme..

Fantastic work !


If you didn't live so far away I'd run over and give you a big hug :)

Appreciation is well received.
Make prints of the logo mosaic and frame em. Give them away for chalenges. :P
This is really cool, like the effect, artsy and all!
I found Edward in the frontpage picture twice. 

Alright, so these are really cool mosaics, but they're a big download and you can't zoom in. What you can do is make these photo mosaics at Mosaically and then embed the ultra high resolution zoomable mosaics onto this page. That way it's not a big download, and we can zoom in and see all the pictures fast and easy.