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LMR logo kit

Hi Folks,

 today,  LMR's first Birthday,  you've all discovered the new LMR logo


Fritsl had the very good idea of a logo kit, available to everybody.

here it is http://letsmakerobots.com/files/LMR_logo_kit.zip

it contains various sizes of the logo, in color, grayscale, black/white   (biggest is 4000x1000pixel)

with the additional    to use in videos


+ the original PSD files


and the original SVG file of logobot, made by psy


+ an XLS file containing the "rules" to redraw, and a rescaler 


The images are released into the public domain


enjoy ;) 

[admin_edit by rik: logo kit now local on LMR server]

LMR_logo_kit.zip7.66 MB

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Woohoo! I'll be adding these to my next videos :)

Yay! We have a logo now! I will most definitely be using these in videos. 

The world's best motto: When all else fails, use a bigger hammer.

This is superb!

I just saw that Rik is now linking to this page from "how to make video", and it is also now linked to from the About page :)

It's official :D

None of these logos have the web address on so far as I can see.


The one for video does :P
I can tell from the stats that really many are just using google to find us.. as long as they have the name.


(kit has been updated) 

Next time! But thanks anyway.


you're welcome

but I'm not happy with this version, it's not balanced as expected