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LMR logo kit

Hi Folks,

 today,  LMR's first Birthday,  you've all discovered the new LMR logo



Fritsl had the very good idea of a logo kit, available to everybody.

here it is http://letsmakerobots.com/files/LMR_logo_kit.zip

it contains various sizes of the logo, in color, grayscale, black/white   (biggest is 4000x1000pixel)

with the additional    to use in videos


+ the original PSD files


and the original SVG file of logobot, made by psy


+ an XLS file containing the "rules" to redraw, and a rescaler 

The images are released into the public domain


enjoy ;) 


[admin_edit by rik: logo kit now local on LMR server]

LMR_logo_kit.zip7.66 MB

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Once again, I'm following in Ladvien's footsteps and attempting to display a low res LMR brain bot.

Ladvien produced a pretty good 64x64 pixel logo for his OLED tip/walkthrough.

Here's my attempt at a 64 pixel brain bot.

Like Ladvien's version, this one turned out as recognizable image of the brain bot.

The thing is, I have a 32x32 LED array that I'd like to show the brain bot on. When I reduced the image down to 32x32 the brain bot isn't so recognizable.

I converted the bitmaps to jpg images since LMR doesn't accept bitmaps.

It looks like the 32pixel image could be made to work if the round glass globe's edge could be enhanced.

I'll probably give making a 32pixel logo another try but I I'm kind of hope one of you might are more talent for this type of image manipulation than myself.

Here's a link to the bitmap file of my 64 pixel version in case any of you are interested in using it.

If any of you come up with an improved 32 pixel version, I hope you let me know.

@Ladvein, Thanks for the tip about the OLED and about the tools you used to generate the bitmap.


Here you go Duane, I ended up just redoing it from scratch rather than trying to scale it down more. 


As you noted, LMR does not allow bitmaps locally, so this is a .png file. It should be easy enough to convert to bitmap though.

Wow, that's great.

It's kind of hard to see at 32 pixels so I blew it up a bit so others can see how good it looks.

I'm sure I'll use it with my LED arrays and OLED displays.


I made a video introduction of the letsmakerobots banner, may be useful for those who want to put the banner in their videos.


So I would like to embed the LMR logo in a video, but there doesn't seem to be any easy ways of doing it except in a full featured video editing program like Final Cut, iMovie, etc. Anybody have any suggestions how to do this with free tools like Handbrake, FFMpegX and the like?

now we need the LMR ll ones!!

Hmm.. Yes, I have been thinking about that.

However, soon we will release later versions, chances are that there will be an LMR II.a, LMR III etc.

I took the liberty to make the II for the top of the site, and so I also think anyone else should be happy and mess around with it as they please.

However, I think that the "official" logo package stays as is.

Think of it like the MTV-logo; At any given time anyone can make a funky version of it. But there is of course the official one-and-only-real logo. And that stays in the kit.

Hi fritsl,

It's been a while I didn't come here, as my situation is getting stable again, I'll have some time and space for robotic activities,

and will work on some updates of the kit  (no change in the logo, only on the available formats)

Good to hear, I was thinking if Dagu continues to make LMR merchandise (of which we only have a few samples so far) then how long before we would have to change the logo.

Admittedly the Logo on the cups is a minor variation of the "Official" logo that I made to be used as wallpaper and for videos.



Merchandize is one very good point for not changing the logo all the time :D