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LMR logo kit

Hi Folks,

 today,  LMR's first Birthday,  you've all discovered the new LMR logo



Fritsl had the very good idea of a logo kit, available to everybody.

here it is http://letsmakerobots.com/files/LMR_logo_kit.zip

it contains various sizes of the logo, in color, grayscale, black/white   (biggest is 4000x1000pixel)

with the additional    to use in videos


+ the original PSD files


and the original SVG file of logobot, made by psy


+ an XLS file containing the "rules" to redraw, and a rescaler 

The images are released into the public domain


enjoy ;) 


[admin_edit by rik: logo kit now local on LMR server]

LMR_logo_kit.zip7.66 MB

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It just dawned on me that this logobot contains four fabulous sub-logos. Could someone with VSG editing skillz deconstruct the original design perhaps?

  • Ideas: bubbles in jar, or maybe an blueprinted version of an outlined logobot?
  • Electronics: eyes
  • Mechanics: body with tracks
  • Programming: brain  
We could really use these four graphics in the design of the site. Webmasters permitting.

And the skillz came to me when I stopped praying for/preying on someone else to do this.








And remember: the source is SCALABLE. That means it can all be rescaled to any dimension or resolution. Without loss of picture quality. Psy is a bloody great designer and a file format genius.


"No dissasemble Stephanie!"
LOL great movie!
If it's scalable - and I know that SVG is - why didn't you make it snaller before posting it?


maybe I was too friggin proud of my new skillz?

This is really crazy stuff, rik!

I think you should put it back together, it would make me feel more secure.