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LMR logo kit

Hi Folks,

You've all discovered the new LMR logo:



Fritsl had the very good idea of a logo kit, available to everybody.

Here it is http://letsmakerobots.com/files/LMR_logo_kit.zip

It contains various sizes of the logo, in color, grayscale, black/white   (biggest is 4000x1000pixel)

with the additional    to use in videos


+ the original PSD files


and the original SVG file of logobot, made by psy


+ an XLS file containing the "rules" to redraw, and a rescaler 

The images are released into the public domain


enjoy ;) 


[admin_edit by rik: logo kit now local on LMR server]

LMR_logo_kit.zip7.66 MB

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It just dawned on me that this logobot contains four fabulous sub-logos. Could someone with VSG editing skillz deconstruct the original design perhaps?

  • Ideas: bubbles in jar, or maybe an blueprinted version of an outlined logobot?
  • Electronics: eyes
  • Mechanics: body with tracks
  • Programming: brain  
We could really use these four graphics in the design of the site. Webmasters permitting.
Granted :)

And the skillz came to me when I stopped praying for/preying on someone else to do this.








And remember: the source is SCALABLE. That means it can all be rescaled to any dimension or resolution. Without loss of picture quality. Psy is a bloody great designer and a file format genius.


This is really crazy stuff, rik!

I think you should put it back together, it would make me feel more secure.

If it's scalable - and I know that SVG is - why didn't you make it snaller before posting it?


maybe I was too friggin proud of my new skillz?

Ha ha. Just realised I put my LMR logo under the YouTube logo. Bugger. I deleted my original video and only have the compressed one with the LMR logo on it. Is it possible to tell YooToob where to stick its logo (TWSS)?

Metacafe seems to have collapsed ...


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