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SplatBot MkII

Write LMR and squirt things

Sleeker and with twice the firepower, SplatBot Mk II has some obvious improvements over the original. Noticably the water bottles and pumps are on the chassis making the cannon much lighter and more responsive. I've also doubled the storage capacity and pumping power. each pump is individually controlled for multicolour writting. Both videos can be viewed in high quality mode.

The first video is the most recent and is for the purist. Directed from afar :)

He sounds like an excited cousin of R2D2 but this is actually the sonar range readings converted to sound to help test that the sonar is working properly.






The second is my earlier experimentation with video editing software syncronised to some suitable music with our new logo hastily added before uploading :D












The chassis is the same as the original with some meccano supports to hold the water bottles (not shown). The two pumps and a DC-DC converter have been added to the back.

The DC-DC converter is configured as a voltage step up current regulator. This means that the output is a higher voltage than the input and the current is regulated to control the brightness of the LEDs.

The LEDs used are 0.5W 10mm green and white LEDs. They are very bright, in the video's they are turned down to minimum brightness. The white LEDs in the water bottles are for lighting up water that has been coloured with food colouring. Unfortunately the only video with that working was the two colour LMR attempt. The dye had to be very dark to show up well on the sand and did no light up as well as hoped. I plan to do a night video that should be better.

I've attached the code for SplatBot although it's incomplete. The IR tracking routine will be re-written to suit the next sensor design and the LMR routine has been written in a less than efficent manner to make it easier for me to tweak the font. If I'm ever happy with it then I'll condense the code.

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thank you for being so helpfull, Oddbot. Your an inspiration and an asset. 

-And the only other person I've said that about had to do this to get such acclaim


I am always happy to help as many are happy to help me. Still I can't imagine you would look as Kylie in those tight gold shorts :P


I'm not sure you wanna know...

Oh man, I hadn't seen this one until Rik linked it from his Pulse, but that's effing great :) The two-color LMR in the sand is incredible. Nice job with this.


That's all kinds of sad!

We really need to get you back into the loop dude! Between Pulses especially.

I agree with Rik considering the number of times this was updated. Then again now that I'm working (till the end of the week anyway) I understand how hard it is to keep up with everything.

Oh well he's going to China in about 2 weeks and I still haven't got the IR tracking working the way I want. The MkIII will get built soon with my 6 wheel drive base but that will be going to Danmark. Frits is going to teach it to piss in the snow :D

Great work Oddbot !

I am curious how are you using the IR vs the Sonar.  Was the IR intended to be used for some form of tracking and sonar for obstacle avoidance?  Or are they both complementary for tracking and avoidance?

For more contrast you might consider Phosphorescent Dye - you could easily charge your two tanks from an exterior lights before the  performance.  Should make a Wowie Zowie show !


As far as my semi-functional IR tracking system goes (I'll get it working eventually) the idea is that the cannon uses it to track close up moving targets independantly from the sonar system. This means that when an object is detected by the IR, the robot should stop. If the object is a wall, table leg etc. it wont move so after a short period of time the robot should continue on. If the object continues to move when the robot is stationary then it's fair game. Once I get the IR sorted I'll post a seperate video of it hunting for prey (the landlords 2 dogs).

I really like the idea of the phoshorecent Dye. I have another similar idea that's in the developement phase at the moment but if I can get some of that dye it will be easier to set up.

Great work! Well done.
this is GREAT !