Let's Make Robots!

NABOT - [Not A] BOT Domotic

complete domotic and security system

NABOT, is not a bot.

But could be considered as one  (remember that movie with the 'red eye' in the house?)



At the origin, only have some cool touch switches

now... a complete domotic and security system



interconnected PICAXE devices, various sensors 


Network (BUS): 

Inter-picaxe communication works fine         http://letsmakerobots.com/node/3548  (mintvelt's excellent tutorial)

But the 5V TTL signals are not tailored for long distance domotic network

The evidence for me is RS485      http://letsmakerobots.com/node/4642  (my own rs485 component page)

The cable will be CAT5 STP (shielded) LAN cable, which over-meets the RS485 requirements



Power supply :  2x9V transformers,  bridge rectifiers, LM2940 voltage regulators + capacitors 

PICAXE mcu's  :   (08 for simple switches......  18, 28 or 40 where needed)

Touch sensors :   QPROX QT110 family      http://www.qprox.com/products/Page-16035/qt110.html

RS485 transcievers

LSI  LS7534 dimmer control chips PICAXE08 (phase lock loop),  to control the TRIAC

16A 800V triacs, + opto thingeys 

Piezo-buzzer  (in each switch) 

LCD screen(s)        http://letsmakerobots.com/node/4644

cheap Remote control      http://www.amazool.com/images/products_images/unfurl/amazool_b442_shop.jpg

touchpads ?

fingerprint reader ? 





-Control of the double flow ventilation unit

-Monitoring of the rainwater tank level and auto refill with tap water when empty, using a dishwasher valve 

-PIR detection  (automatic light in the entrance, security system)

-Implement a restrospective token bus over RS485   http://wrldcomp.com/the_token_bus_protocol/index.html

-Implement an 'ACTIVE ALARM' system   (security sensors emit packets when everything is ok... and stop when something is going wrong) 

-Have a web/wap interface

-Control/Monitor the heat-pump

-Control the garage door opener

-Have the switches 'ring' (beep) when someone is ringing at the door 

-or when we want to tell the kids that it's dinner time. (to be done)  (the kids I mean)

-Have a self-test function, for example, after 10sec of contact, the switches enter in a self-test mode with some beeps,

and action on the BUS 

-Show time, temperature... or news... on the switches when idle 

-... any suggestion is welcome ! 


Current status: 

QT110 :   ok touch sensors are working

RS485 :   ok packets are sent and recieved

LCD  :   ok some fun tests are working fine

IR control :   ok, working with SONY RC

Power Supply :   ok 

Dimmer :  ok  - now using a picaxe08M to sync with the phase (see the comments)

TRIAC power output : ok - I have recieved my optothingeys

Design the touche plates.  (choose a size, a shape, a material)

or use some IR detection instead of touch sensors 


1st february : tonight I've exploded a 16A 800V triac, fused 2 resistors, welded my oscillo-probe...  


26th of february : It's Alive !!!  

I've recieve my order from Thailand, with all my optothingeys and other fun stuffs (like 555"s and a realtime clock)

See the new video "First live test" 

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now this is cool !!!

Have you looked at X10 or some of the other home automation standards?


no, I did'nt look for any standard, and prefered to start from scratch

I did'nt know X10 (even not the name)

iF we can believe the french wikipedia, X10 was invented by a belgian guy :D,

uses 120Khz signals over mains, sending a bit at each zero crossing

A command takes 3/4 sec to be sent 

see i though X10 was invented by radio shack but thats probably wrong