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Robot Manipulator


i am a studnet of engineering .i want to make ROBOT MAnipulator,but i have no idea how to start,what to do..as its my first time to make Robot..

so i need help from u people.as its sounds here people know very well bout robot..

do tell me what are the basic to make robot..?

i also want to add Light sensor in between the manipulator so when object come in between manipulator finger it automatically closed..

i have actually no idea..

share ur knowledge so i could do better ,,

thanks all.

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Check out the START HERE robot. It is a great place to start. After that work on adding a few other things to build off of it. It is a lot easier to answer specific questions after you get started than trying to answer questions you aren't sure to ask yet :) We're here to help!

can u plz tell me what are the basic partss of manipulator?

what i know is..


2.survo motor


is it right?what else more it has?

M very much confused and dont know how to work on microcontroller i mean its programming code..so can i get the programming code from here?

thanks for giving me ur assurance that i will get help from u people...


Only other parts might be structure (what it is built of) and power (batteries, pneumatics, whatever). Here is a cardboard robot arm using the Arduino.  Here is an acrylic arm with a gripper but it uses stepper motors. And an arm using servos and the Arduino. And another arm discussed for hacking.


what is ARduino,is it a software which only use for Picaxe IC's to code them..if i use any other microcontroller IC then??

how to code the microcontroller?

arduino is another microcontroler its different from the pic,   it uses atmega8 chip and uses a slightly differrnt programming language

Go through the start here robot first. That will get your feet wet then you can go with other sensors and things while you learn. :)

Start Here


I want to work on lego nxt mind storm nxt as a project..

i live in asia , from where i can have this kit?  

and how to code it?does its kit has programming laguage book or anything else ?how it programmed normal or in

specific way?

and is it costly?


 First of all: Please dont yell...

You could get Lego Mindstorms from ebay or try using a search tool like google, and type in "lego mindstorms" and your local asian word for sale or discount or delivery and see what that gets you.

You dont need anything except a computer to start programming it, all you need is in the box. A book with very easy to follow instructions and a CD with a very easy programming software.

If I understand your description correctly, you want a claw to pick up an object that comes within the claws reach. The Lego Mindstorms NXT kit has all you need for this. Motors, sensors, prosessor and enough construction material to build a funky arm and maybe even a moving platform to go with it.

 / vzz-clck-"Maneuver"

yelling is IN ALL CAPS on the interwebs lol :P


actually i m working on my final year project, on mindstorm lego kit..

yeha i have managed from where ill get ths..

but the Question is..do u know any other new ways or analytical designs or any idea that for what purpose i can make this..

i hv seen, it has four sensors that are LIGht ,sound, US, and touch..

so how can i avail all these four sensor in different way?

i want to use ths robot in a uniqe medical way..

wont u mind tell me?