Let's Make Robots!

Expect more LMR'ers, LMR'ians, LMR'ites, oh never mind..

Was just looking through Robot Magazine at the bookstore this morning and looky there! LMR is getting a shout out in there product news section. In about a quarter page, with color pictures of YDM and the Start Here bot, they give a thumbs up to this web site. What timing. Happy B-day LMR!

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I tried making a collective verb for people who inhabit LMR and Fritz nearly had a seizure.
Yah well, I wasn't exactly giddy with my lame attempts either, as alluded to in my original post. But thanks for the warning. Now ducking and covering :]

Sounds like you're calling us Lemurs.

I wanna be one with a stripey tail!!!

Well you've got the ability to hang upside down sorted. Some painted stripes and your done!
There, is that better? :P

Ah, very cool. I was just paging through the latest issue yesterday at the hobby shop, but I decided I'd already spent enough money on servos so I put it back. Guess I gotta go back and buy it :)


I am gonna have to get me a subscription. :P