Let's Make Robots!

A 15 Minute Robot

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This is my second experiment with my just arrived Arduinoboard and servomotors. It´s not really a robot, all it can do is walking forward and backward, while his heart and brain must be carried behind him. The body is made from three SG-90 micro servos which were glued together using doublesided tape. The legs are bend from a piece of welding rod and taped onto the servohorns. The front and backmotors move the legs forth and back while the middle motor lifts the legs up. This creature can be made in 15 minute and disassembled in two.

I´m new to all this servo and coding stuff, so i posted the code to hear some critics about the code. I dont like the way i am controlling the servos.


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Thats a very good walker you have there. :) You just forgot LRM on your video. Dont let it happen again! j/k seriously though nice job.

Oooh, the artsies are gonna have a field day with this video: black/white, techno, edited to the beat, sound and video effects that match content, even your code scrolling through the image!

Very cool. Definately not a 15 minute video!

Oh right. Robot. Ehhm. Never underestimate the power of good shoes!

he has the same walking motion as my quadroped :)
though mine is a bit bigger.

You can probably make it turn the same way I did if you want to try it out.

 have a look:



wow, very cool.  I have the same board but haven't tried building a robot yet.  I'm planning on doing so though.  Did you use anything special for the servos.  I didn't know if you need a moter controller or something or if you were able to just plug it right up to the arduino. 
So the robot took 15 min and the video took 50....! haha thats classic
That is one awesome video! A new standard in videos here perhaps? Something for those of us who haven't yet got our videos posted to aspire to... You've got a good start on the servo code - interesting how you invert the servo direction, its a bit more elegant than what I might have written... Have you given any thought on how to do turns? Great start!
Wicked Video, very, very nice!!!

Thank you all  for your positiv feedback. ´Bout the video, hm, the bot itself was a bit simple, so i had to to make a nice package. The soundtrack was especially done for this bot.

@  LOLGeek: I inserted a "let´s make Robots" note at the beginning and the end. If we want the robots to take over the world, it´s important that the community grows >:) !!!

@ Saotome: But yours is able to carry his guts !!! Unfortunately my walker  will never be able to turn, i had to kill him because i need the servos.

@ demonic_crow: You can connect the servos directly to the arduino, as shown here. If you want to control more servos use this library. If you use more then two servos and if you put your servos under a little stress, it´s recommended that you use a seperate power supply for them, otherwise you could damage your arduino. With my three micro-servos powered through the arduino all went well till now.