Let's Make Robots!


Hello.  I am new to the world of robots but plan to continue with it for a substantial amount of time.  I was wondering what controller would be best for me to use?  I know that you will probably recommend the Picaxe 28X1 but other people have mentioned the Serializer .NET robot controller.  Please give me some guidance.  Anyone.

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honestly i think ive thrown myself in the bit before the deep end you know like that slope bit.

iv bought a Arduino decimelia  and from what ive been hearing its good but a little harder to use.

so like in the pool ill be going down a steep learing slope thing because pools dont curve downwards.


well the things i most learned was to think a lot and compare, google it before you decide to buy somthing.

other thing.. just start motion with servo motors, parallax continues rotation servos are cheap, and easy to use. its a good start.

try make something with small steps, and later u upgrade, or go to other platform. if you wanna give a big step, u may fall down and stop playing with it. it may be a deception. no one here wanna that you do that.

you never lose money with low cost hardware, they will always be useful in future robots for small plugins even if in a big robot!

Good luck and have fun mate.

Thanks a bunch.  If you have any other general tips or advice for a beginner please feel free to give it.

There's bunches of controllers out there, but I'd definitely start with one of the more common ones like the Picaxe. I really like the Arduino I'm working with because it has more capabilities, but it is more complicated to program. I started with a Basic Stamp (which also uses a version of BASIC for its programming language, like the Picaxe), and I think one of the BASIC-based controllers is definitely the right way to go to start off. And since the Basic Stamp is more limited than the Picaxe, I'd say the Picaxe is the one to get. Of course, I've never actually used a Picaxe myself, but everything I've read about it makes it sound like a very good board.