Let's Make Robots!

Seattle Robotics Society Meeting

Because I'm lazy, no pictures will be displayed. I have them all on my Facebook page, you can view them here.

Anyone else out there that hasn't registered yet that is in the Seattle area, or is close enough to drive the few hours to get there REALLY should go to the monthly Seattle Robotics Meetings.

One: FREE STUFF!!! One guy that comes to the meetings writes "Then and Now" in Servo mag. He brings leftover SERVO and Nuts and Volts mags that didn't sell sometimes.

Two: SHOW AND TELL. People bring in their projects and get as much time as they want to showcase them. You can ask questions and show and tell time can be used to ask the group questions.

Three: COOL STUFF TO SEE!!! There is always a main presenter that comes in to present either a real life demo of a robot, or discuss new technologies. Very cool AND very geeky. This month they had the Seattle Bomb Disposal Squad come in with their remote controlled unit, the Remotec Andros Mk 6A. Damn, it's sexy.

Four: FREE STUFF!!! I picked up a cement truck tracking system (750MHz machine 256 M RAM) with GPS pcb unit and antenna.... for FREE!!!There were atleast 25-30 of them there. It was crazy!

Five: ROOM TO WORK!!! Starting next month and then alternating every other month, after a brief lunch (which every attendee is invited to!), we get unrestricted access to an auto workshop. Yes, it smells like grease, but you don't have to worry about making sure you pick up every piece of solder/metal/etc. that accidentially drops. And you get help FROM OTHER ROBOTIC GEEKS IN REAL LIFE!!! HOLY COW!!!

I was a bit in "shock and awe" phase at my first meeting on Jan 24th, so I don't have much else to report, but will try to do a more in-depth coverage this coming meeting. 

SRS meetings are held on the third Saturday of every month at Renton Tech in Renton, WA. Any changes to schedule and information on their Monday Night Chats (very informative!!!) can be found here.

Can you tell that I just SIMPLY CAN NOT WAIT until next months meeting? :P


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Seattle has one of the more active clubs in the country, lotsa good stuff. Many interesting robot builders there, one is Kenneth Maxon with very complex robots, Larry Barello, many others that make some pretty cool stuff, and the Encoder. Portland has a pretty cool club too. Probably the largest robot show/contest is Robogames, that I'd really like to go to, but probably can't afford yet.

There are many more groups around, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Western Canada, Eastern Canada, just try a search and see what pops up. 

There is also Robothon, which is held by SRS annually at the Seattle Center. It wasn't held last year though because of lack of volunteers :(

Pity there aren't more clubs like that around the world.

So start one. In my dreams, I team up with the local university's AI department to host an annual robot challenge. I took a course there as part of my CS degree. It was way coooool.


You should tele-operate a robot representitive there !

(that would be wicked-cool, and very apropos)

hmm... I don't have the resources for one yet...

...but I would be willing to do some more writeups, possibly post some video as well. I tried to get a video of the bomb bot with my cellphone, but it turned out reallyREALLY bad. I will take better equipment next time.

Just leave a suspicious looking shoe box outside your house in the street and keep aimingthat telelense. All from the comfort of your own sofa ;-)

Make sure not leave any traces though. These guys may not be as appreciative and blast through your front door!

Hmm... Then I would see this coming through my door/window/wall/etc. It's 4 feet long and it's not very friendly -_-